Instructions  for  scheduling  your  session:


Complete and submit the form below so Leslie can learn about your horse and your needs. 

Leslie will confirm receipt of your form and schedule your session. 

Some trainers who work with Leslie prefer to establish a private YOUTUBE.COM channel for sharing their videos.

This way, an accurate, documented sequence of verifiable progress is established. 


Another way that Leslie's apprentices and students provide lesson materials is to upload the videos for each session on Facebook Messenger, or on a What's App account that shared with Leslie.

To share a What's App account with Leslie, create the account with this phone number: 602-558-1650.


Video content for each session must be uploaded at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled coaching appointment. 

Send Leslie an email with a message indicating where to locate the clips. Please add a link, if necessary, so she can study your homework and prepared materials prior to your lesson.


You are welcome to upload as many videos as you think will make the lesson meaningful for you. The total length of all videos combined should not exceed 15 minutes.   Leslie will discuss your video with you as you watch it together  All questions will be answered, and homework for the next lesson  will be provided.

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