Coaching en línea con Antonio Hidalgo

Antonio confirmará la recepción y programará su sesión.

Crea una cuenta privada de YouTube para subir tus videos.  


Envíe a Antonio un correo electrónico con un enlace para que pueda ver su video antes de su clase.  

Los videos deben tener menos de 15 minutos de duración. Antonio discutirá tu video contigo mientras lo miran juntos.

+34 629 747 527

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To schedule your online coaching session:

Complete and submit the form below so I can learn about your horse and you.

Video content for each session must be uploaded at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled coaching appointment. 


Some students establish a private YOU TUBE.COM channel or create a What's App to share with me. This way, an accurate, and well documented sequence of your progress is established, and I have the opportunity to plan and prepare the materials we should discuss.

Please send a What's App or email message indicating where to locate your latest recorded work!


(Enter this phone number to create the account: +34 629 747 527).

Include a link and/or attach the updated XLS file so I can study your homework and new video submission, prior to your lesson. <>


You are welcome to upload as many videos as you think will make the lesson meaningful for you.

The total length of all videos combined presented for each coaching session should not exceed 15 minutes. 


I will discuss your video with you as you watch it together.


  Your questions will be answered, and homework for the next lesson can be recorded on the XLS sheet provided.

I look forward to working with you, and your horse.


Antonio Hidalgo


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