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All personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

My goals, needs, work and feelings
Observations and beliefs about my horse, and areas of special interest

Online coaching is hosted for you by Zoom, Google Meet, or can be scheduled on What's App.


If you decide to send files directly with we recommend the convenient services offered  by WETRANSFER.COM, which is a complimentary file transfer company.


Please download the apps to your phone and laptop. Go to to set up your free accounts.


The terms/conditions statement, liability waiver, photo release, equine intake form and refund / cancellation policy will be emailed to all online and private coaching students


Please note all video content becomes the property of FOAH for discreet, thoughtful, and responsible re-use in the education of others, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. The use of your name, horse's name, film location is subject to your discretion.

Thanks for submitting your coaching form!  Antonio will contact you soon.

+34 629 747 527 / Dialed outside USA
011 34 629 747 527 / Dialed inside USA

Antonio Hidalgo Horsemanship & Sport

Barcelona, Spain

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