Loni Smith

Friend of FOAH


My name is Loni Smith from Smithfield, VA. Little me in the photo is 2 years old, I have been a friend and student of the horse ever since, which makes this a 36-year love affair.  Leslie Desmond is a dear friend of mine. 


We worked with horses together for many years and, with her support, I gained a much deeper understanding about the true nature of a horses that I previously practiced. This allowed me to help horses that were once well beyond my skill level.


I remain Leslie's apprentice and cannot recommend strongly enough the important of developing the feel-based skills that are essential for horse work in any discipline, that actually fits a horse.

I care for a large herd of horses now that live on a private, 3 mile ''Paddock Paradise''. I designed and have managed this for 6 years and wrote a book about its creation. There is nothing that brings me more joy than watching and admiring herd dynamics in full effect.  I love to watch horses peacefully sleeping, when one sentinel is standing guard. The other horse activity that holds my heart is observing serious horse play at full tilt, ripping around, running in a mad dash somewhere, trading off play partners, and tearing it up . . . just for fun. There is nothing quite like it, and really nothing better!

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