Nancy Allen

My name is Nancy Allen and I’m happy to help in any way I can with this worthwhile endeavor of Leslie’s.

The photo below is 20+ years old and it’s of me on my first horse, Danny, at a Tom Dorrance clinic in Oregon. What a great guy! I appreciated his better way of being with horses and his kindness. When Leslie, and Tom’s brother, Bill, published their book, True Horsemanship Through Feel, I immediately bought a copy and I read it front to back and have re-read many parts of it through the years.

For a long time, I always had that book with me. I sat out in the pasture with Danny and read it. I can remember him reaching down and taking a bite out of one of the pages once and when I see that torn page, I remember him and smile and think of how he and I benefitted from what is written there. I carried the book with me when I went somewhere, just in case I had a few spare minutes to read. I left it on the roof of my car once as I was loading up to head into town and forgot it was up there. As I sped down the highway, out of my rearview mirror, I spotted something tumbling down the road and into a ditch. Suddenly it him me, my book! Well, that book can take a lickin’, let me tell you.

I learned so much from Bill and Leslie's book and continue to do so. I am sure I will never plumb the depth of what it has to offer. Now, all these years later, I am honored to be a part of this project and to be acquainted with a living legend and a true Master with horses. Every time Leslie enters a discussion or videos a session with a horse I learn something that inevitably comes into play with my own horses. She makes me ponder a better way of doing things and teaches me how to put that way into action. My horses thank her for it, as do I, many times over.


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