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Lots of herd changes here, recently. I had to put both my mares down, which left one ottb, who adored his girls. I was fortunate to be given (yes I know, free horse.) an arab mix that needed some peace. He was low man of 20, and spent 17 years getting pushed around. Shaun, my ottb was very kind to him I watched him mirror him and then peel off and give PC the opportunity to hook on. He kept doing it until he got PC to follow him. Hard day. Both mares just across the pasture saying goodbye, and two horses that both lost their herds.

It gets better. They bonded on up, as horses will. I know PC used to be playful. I'm hoping to help bring that out in him, again. I started all over with him, right from the beginning, and he's starting to relax. He bit Shaun on the shoulder and Shaun looked at me like, wth??? I told him, "Bite him back!" By the time PC's butt went by, Shaun bit it. See? Not a mare. That changed everything.

Now, if the rain, tornado's, and severe t storms would stop, we'd get some play time. We are flooded a bit here. Horses are on high ground and have a nice shelter full of brome hay. What great timing to start this up with Leslie. I still love that video of her coiling her lead rope. Who knew?

Deborah Edwards
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