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Hello, my name is Regina….I live in the mountains above San Diego, in a little town founded back in the Gold-Rush days. I have 3 horses-Scout/Mustang, Misty/Azteca, and Speedy aka Shyboy-Quarter Horse, my 2 GermanShepherds, father/son-Rontu, Ruger and their boss, Estes, Australian Cattle Dog!! Have some chickens and Pico de Gallo/rooster…who makes an attempt to being in charge…but well…he’s a bit outnumbered!!! LOL!!

I have been in a bit of transition, for a bit now…figuring out the next chapter or perhaps new book of my life!! I have been in the healing arts for over 30+yrs…I am a LicAcupuncturist, Massage Therapist, focus on Functional and Sports Medicine, and have reopened my home based practice. My vision is to create a sustainable lifestyle/work that incorporates the Horse and the lessons we can learn from these incredibly feeling creatures. How to bring the Feel of the Horse into the healing arts and have a strong connection with Nature and all the Gifts we can learn from that perspective! So needed in this changing world….looking so forward to reconnecting with Leslie and all of you that speak the same language!!!