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Online Coaching . . .

is a great solution for continuing education in these times!

Coaching with
Leslie Desmond and 
Antonio Hidalgo 

can help you deepen your understanding of

Bill Dorrance's

enduring message and straightforward training method.

FOAH recommends Hannah McCargar

at Able Horse Natural Hoof Care 

for continuing education about the hooves and developing

a custom maintenance program for any horse with troubled feet.


Increase your understanding of Bill Dorrance's

message and feel-based training method.  

True Horsemanship Though Feel, the book, explains the feel of release, 

and how to refine your feel of the horse 

through your lead rope, lunge line, reins, mecate, and seat.

Video content for each session must be uploaded at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled coaching appointment. 


To share your homework and new material, please create a personal/private  YOU TUBE channel

or a WHAT's APP account to share with your coach.   


You will derive added benefit from having a well-documented sequence of your progress for reference. Having proof-positive evidence of your advancement is reassuring when the inevitable moments of doubt about the progress you have made causes worry or a lapse in confidence. Our goal is to help you make the necessary adjustments in perspective, body language and physical/mental alignment so your horse's decisions reflect your intentions, and the evidence of discord, resistance, and 


You are welcome to upload as many videos as you think will make the lesson meaningful for you.

The total length of all videos combined presented for each coaching session should not exceed 15 minutes. 

Thank you.


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