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Online Coaching with Leslie Desmond


To schedule your online coaching session:

Complete and submit the simple form below so Leslie can learn about your horse and circumstances.

A Liability Waiver, Terms of Service Contract, and Photo Release will be sent via email.


 Signed and fully completed hard copies must be scanned and sent to this email:



Please send the originals via post in time for them to be received before lessons begin.


Send to: Leslie Desmond School of Horsemanship  / P. O. Box 125     Bath, New Hampshire  03740  USA


Send a  message indicating where to locate your latest recorded work!


Some students  establish a private <YOUTUBE.COM> channel. Others prefer to share a dedicated What's App

account for your lessons. (Enter this phone number to include Leslie in your account: 602-558-1650. No one will answer this number, if dialed.)


This way, a well-documented sequence of your progress is established -- and remains an excellent point of reference during your course..  

At least 48 hours before your scheduled lesson, please include a link to your files at the email below, or attach them to the what's app account you share, and include the .xls file that contains your homework




You are welcome to upload as many videos as you think will make the lesson meaningful for you.

The total length of all videos combined presented for each coaching session should not exceed 20 minutes per session, and it is preferable if each video is between 2-5 minutes each.. 


Leslie will discuss your video with you as you watch it together.  Your questions will be answered, and homework for the next lesson will be clear and agreed upon before the end of easch session.


I look forward to working with you, and your horse. 




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