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Elettra Sonedotter

Swedish Channel Translator


”Don’t pull the reins!” I can hear her voice further and further
away from me as I canter with my pony on the dirt road.


Just a few weeks earlier we couldn’t even leave the barnyard, but right there and then my pony and I we were in complete symbiosis. 


When I was 14 years old I was lucky to meet a person that came
to play a vital role in my life. Her name is Leslie Desmond. For
many hours in the stable, Leslie has taught me to read, to feel,
to find timing and communication with my pony. To see Leslie
work and see the positive change in the horses she works with is
always inspiring. Her feel for horses can’t be described; it
must be experienced.

My name is Elettra and I live outside of Stockholm in Sweden.
For me horses are a lifestyle and I’m lucky to live on a farm
with my horses just outside my door. I’m a certified Equine
Physiotherapist and Centered Riding® Instructor level II which
gives me the privilege to work with horses full time. I have an
ambition to always search for new knowledge and a big love for

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