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Eugenio Remus

Italian Channel Translator


Since I started riding (some 45 years ago) I happened to change both tack and perspectives, and to reset the odometer, a few times: from plain english to plain western riding, and then on to PNH, and finally I met Leslie in 2003 ... in this last dimension I feel so good that I have nothing else to do but to observe, try, and learn, and then to rejoice and be thankful; yes, because when excitement and satisfaction overcome frustration and anxiety, then you can accept a slow but steady progress along your path to horsemanship.

The first - and probably the greatest - lesson I've had from Leslie so far is about the power of vision of an "educated eye", which in our case (thanks to her and Bill) resides not in a telescope (which most people would search for), but in a microscope ... how true is the saying "that which is great proceeds out of small things" !

I don't care about ribbons; I never used horses to compete nor to work, but this is not to say the challenge (understanding them and being able to establish a sound partnership) isn't mine as well.

Though if we'd like to put on Bill's and Leslie's lenses, and soon be able to look at things and act differently, my witness is about a process that is rather similar to molting ... which takes time and patience, and requires that old habits (which die hard) fade away and leave place to a new paradigm, one that horses show evident signs of appreciation, because they have the final say ... haven't they ?

Once again: it's worth the effort, regardless to the amount of results you may get in the beginning, as long as you have that "burning desire" and you put in enough time, and you get adequate support and supervision, and I think this site is exactly meant to help us all along that way.

Many happy trails to y'all !

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