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Hannah McCargar

Hoof Care and Nutrition

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I have been a life-long student and lover of horses, starting with frequenting plowing contests as a child and riding my first gelding, Chester, to algebra and geometry lessons at a neighboring farm.

I was a teenager when I met Leslie and got to watch her work for the first time. What I saw then, and what I've learned from her since, has continued to inspire me and to shape how I think about and handle the horses I meet.

When Chester foundered years later in 2006, I began an educational and professional journey into the world of hoof care.  I apprenticed with a farrier, and became a student in the AANHCP (then “American Association of Natural Hoof Care Practitioners” now “Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices”).

I continue my studies with the Equine Sciences Academy, hoof care practitioners, and other equine professionals around the USA.

From the beginning, I have watched horses with awe. As a dancer, I love watching the way they move.  As a relational thinker, I love watching their interactions with each other and with us. As someone who loves to work with my hands, I love helping to shape their feet towards better function.


In working on hooves for the last 12 years, I've been amazed at their variety, adaptability, and resilience. 

Through Able Horse Natural Hoof Care, I serve clients in the tri-state area of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA, who are seeking better health and performance in their horses through a holistic approach to their care. Believing that a balanced diet and healthy movement form the foundation necessary for healthy hooves, I coach owners in working towards a domestic lifestyle for their horses that is partly informed by the fundamentally health-promoting lifestyle of wild horses. I also bring hoof care education to riding clubs and other groups to help horse owners become more empowered to understand and improve the quality of the hooves in their care.

I live in Northeast Iowa with my partner, Eric and our 4 horses.

Contact: Hannah McCargar  


Able Horse Natural Hoof Care

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