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Rick Weinberg

Friend of FOAH


Hi, I’m Rick Weinberg. I live in Bath NH.

I love being around horses. I believe living with humans and learning to be our partners is difficult for horses both mentally and physically. I am constantly looking for ways to make it easier for the horses. I am committed to the well-being of the horse. I feel the path toward excellence in horsemanship is never ending and my dedication to these intelligent, sensitive beings leads me to continue learning and experimenting, seeking to find the most appropriate way to communicate and understand them.


I met Leslie in 1998. Her approach of “Feel and Release” gave me new insight on how cooperative and willing a horse could be. With ongoing practice and the help of many opportunities to study with Leslie, and with the help of Bill and Leslie’s book and audio book, I have been slowly advancing my understanding of horses and the way of being around them and communicating with them through feel. I am excited to be a part of Leslie’s team here online. I know Leslie’s presentations here will help many people and horses to live more peacefully together.

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