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Nina Schulte-Tigges

German Channel Translator


You get the horse you need they say. Well, at the beginning I might not have seen it that way, but I know that without my horse Twister I would never have experienced this exciting journey.


Without him I would probably not have recognized the need to question the common manners with horses that are often encountered. Even as a child I was irretrievably infected with the horse virus, there was nothing to be done.


Is it because my great-grandpa was a well-known farrier in the area? Is something that can be inherited? I don't know.

I had been in the equestrian world for quite a few years and thought I had already seen a lot when Leslie demonstrated to me that there is another level at which you can communicate with horses. Much of what I thought I knew was suddenly put to the test, because I saw the results. My horse expresses himself quite clearly, so there was no chance I could have missed the difference. At last I had found a way to the horse that would later belong to me.


Admittedly, my head was buzzing a lot at first. One of the essential thoughts was to always assume a positive intention of the horse. Doing this (and seriously believing it!) marked a turning point. Because, let's be honest, expressions like “ranking” or “he is just teasing you” are still often part of what riding students learn. And how good it was for my horse that I have placed this trust in him, and for me as well. 

Twister has been with me since he was 17 years old and for many years he had major problems with his hooves, which must have gotten extremely out of hand at a young age. Since for years I couldn't find anyone who could bring about a real improvement in the hoof situation beyond mere maintenance of the situation, I made hoof care my personal concern.


In accordance with the principle "become a specialist for your horse", I therefore attend appropriate courses and train myself further in hoof care and solutions such as adhesive shoeing, even if I only use them in a private context. I am amazed again and again how many of the problems that horses have physically can simply be traced back to the hooves and how much effect can be caused by a few millimeters wrong or right, because tendons hang on every hoof and muscles on every tendon that lead upwards into the body. 

I am very happy that I can continue to learn and at the same time have a small share in passing on this great knowledge and this special way of handling horses to help make it accessible to everyone.

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