T I E D   R I G H T   H A L T E R S   and a  12-ft. R O P E    This is a perfect spring gift for kids, and their foals, yearlings and ponies who want to get a start on balanced handling . . .  right at the beginning


Ponies, foals, yearlings and kids! Spring is here!

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  • Special SPRING DISCOUNTon all SMALL and YEARLING halters, and 12-ft. ropes!   These halters tie on the right, and can be an important critical step in getting young horses and childres used to working on both sides, BEFORE htrye are bound by the limits of long-term one-sided handling. Find out how these work, and why its a better way to get started, when you visit the LANDHING page right here...www.ffeelofahorse.com, and scroll down to view the free videos!  HAPPY SPRING!!

  • No returns.

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