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Akar Holmgren

Swedish Channel Translator

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It's the quiet ones I admire, the ones with profound knowledge, who are living their lives and don't make a fuss over of things. It's those who speak up I respect, those who give voice to the unheard ones, and that work hard and persistently in whatever field they are operating.

The first time I attended a clinic with Leslie was in 1997. Thankfully, that was not the last time, as she thankfully continued to come to Sweden, and I saw her work with horses on many more occasions. Two years later, True Horsemanship Through Feel was published. I honestly felt like I was right there when it happened!

Besides buying the book, I also bought the fantastic video Four Strands of Rawhide by Randy Rieman and Bill Dorrance. That film shows some amazing examples of true horsemanship, not to mention Bill's handicraft!

That Leslie, with such determination and conviction, still continues to convey Bill's message 20 years after the book was published, is nothing but admirable. She has a calling, she has made a promise.

It is logic these days to move some of the teaching to a digital platform, and if I can make some minor contributions by translating Leslie's texts into Swedish here at the FOAH site, I do it with pleasure. As long as we share it, then Bill is heard. The horses need his message, and they need people that handle and train, keep and use them to get a better understanding of their essential nature.

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