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Meike Böttcher

German Channel Translator


The good relationship to the horse – that means a lot to me. But what I´m also improving all the time is training horses in a way that keeps them fit and healthy as long as possible, or makes them fit, strong and happy, if they aren´t already. That way, over the years my hobby and my passion became also my profession and my calling. Since 2006, I work as a professional horse trainer and riding instructor in the central part of Germany, between Cologne and Duesseldorf.

I am passionate about horses since I was a little girl and started riding in 1989, at the age of 7. And right from the start, I rode many different horses and also had a knack for so-called difficult horses. As I have always felt very eager for knowledge, I used every oppotunity to learn from a good rider and teacher when that person appeared. Today, I´m training horses from ponies to big draft horses, from starting a young horse to  fitnes training for older horses.


I´m very happy to still own the first horse in my life, Kimo. We met in 1996 and he is still my loyal, fit and powerful partner. Together with him (and many other horses), I learned and practiced classical groundwork and classical dressage for 15 years and taught it for about 10 years. Today, I prefer trail riding, as most of my clients prefer this way to enjoy their horses. I like riding a lively and reliable horse, which is my partner as well as I am his fair and compassionate partner.


In 2008 my second horse, Lison, came to me. Besides the great times we had together, and are still having, he gave me other challenges to work on than Kimo could. From both horses, I learned a lot and from Lison, I learned different things than from Kimo.


In 2012, I won „Cavallo Cup“ with Kimo, a German competition for eclectic horse training, where the harmony between horse and rider is of great importance.


Also in 2012, I met Leslie and because a good relationship to the horse and a clear communication with him is very important for me, I spent a lot of time learning with her. I also went to Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway and California in order to maximize the learning opportunities that time with and around Leslie ensures.


Not only did she teach me new,  unconventional and very effective techniques, with her help my relationship to horses also came up to a whole new level. The connection I now enjoy, and share with others, is much deeper and much more peaceful – ways of experiencing time with horses that I only had dreamed of before.


A special adventure in California was riding a young mustang in the mountains. It was a very inspiring ride for me because, in my opinion, the wild horses are the best model for a good life and good handling of our domestic horses.


I also like bringing horses and humans together in the best possible way. In order to achieve that, in my lessons and clinics I communicate with horses and people following principles of Horsemanship Through Feel that are described and recommended by Bill Dorrance in his big book.


Today, it´s still fun working on getting better every day, and I am truly proud to pass along what I can about the essence and application of  Bill´s unusually effective and sublte approach to starting, riding and working with horses.  It continues to be my goal and pleasure to spread his message further, and further.


On this site I am responsible for translations into German language, German voice overs on videos and online coaching in German and I am very happy to be part of this team.

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