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Mona Schubert

Friend of FOAH


Hello Horse Lovers,


I am Mona Schubert, 57 yrs-old, and I live near Cologne, in the North Rhine Westfalia countryside.  


Since I can remember, I have been on a serious journey to become a better horse person. As I used to say,"if you are looking for answers, you´ll find them!“ I am blessed to have met so many good horse people along the way and, for now, I can say I know this is the right path.


I got my first pony when I was 12-years-old and have been with horses since then. As my skills developed I became very curious about "horse-whispering“  and "horsemanship“.


These were new ideas in Germany, and about 25 years ago I saw an opportunity to share this new interest, which was developing into a passion, with others. For this reason, I founded one of the first clinics that focused on this way to approach horses and their training, so it was clearly the right start. 

As the winding road brought me further into this area of study, I investigated more about the beginning of "horsemanship“.  This search brought me directly to the widely known and well-respected work of Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond.

In 2002, I contacted Leslie Desmond and purchased the book "True horsemanship Through Feel“. Since that day this book has become my "go-to horsemanship bible“. I discovered that it is a deep and never-ending well of knowledge about horses. In these pages you can find  good guidance about their handling, training and riding. I recognized the importance of this to others, and  designed my work with horses around these expanded and inspiring perceptions. I am happy to give lessons in groundwork, trailer loading and finding solutions in so-named problems.


I love it when people tell me, "I am surprised how easy horse handling CAN be“ Then I know, they are on their way to becoming better horse people.

I follow very extensive studies about the equine temperament and character.  They seem to possess similar qualities, parallel mental and emotional aspects that reflect, inspire and encourage us!  I find is so interesting when it becomes apparent that our personalities and "horsenalities" seem to fit well, and to match! 

Over the years I notice that groups of horses do separate naturally, and reveal their distinct characteristics. Some stand out as leaders, while others are clearly more comfortable in the role of followers. Within a larger herd you can find groupings that I liken to a kindergarten, and some smaller "families" within a larger herd observe a stricter social structure; others become very close friends, are loyal and defend each others' space, food or private time ....standing over them while they rest.  Other horses clearly  prefer to keep a distance, remaining aloof and unavailable, well-centered into their own beings. They are outside the group, and seem more comfortable this way. There is SO MUCH MORE to observe, and learn from and about horses, if and when one is ready to invest the time.


Now, my part on FOAH Team is to organize the outreach to other horse lovers here in Germany.  I translate texts and make voice-overs for videos, create German newsletter and work on graphic presentations, together with my lovely and gifted daughter, Bianca Schubert, who is part of this team, too. 


I give my all and everything to become better every day and I hope to meet you soon at FOAH online.


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