Mona Schubert

Friend of FOAH

Hello Horse Lovers,


I am Mona Schubert, 57yrs old, living in North Rhine Westfalia, near to Cologne though countryside.  


Since I can remember, I am on my journey to become a better horse person. As I use to say, „..if you are looking for answers, you´ll find them!“ I am blessed to have met so good horse people on my way and for now I can say – This is the right path. I got my first pony when I was 12yrs old and never have been without horses since then. 25 years ago I founded one of the first clinics taken place here in Germany, talking about „horse-whispering“ & „horsemanship“ which I was very curious about. This was the best start for me to investigate more about the beginning of „horsemanship“ and this brings you unavoidably to Bill Dorrance & Leslie Desmond.  

I got in contact online, with Leslie Desmond in 2002, I bought the book „True horsemanship through feel“ and since that day this book has become my „bible“ and neverending well of knowledge, considering the work with horses. I recognized the importance of the horse world and I designed my work with horses around these perceptions. I am happy to give lessons in groundwork, trailer loading and finding solutions in so-named problems. I love it when people tell me „...I am surprised how easy horse handling CAN be“ Then I know, they are on their way to becoming better horse people... 

I follow very extensive studies about temperaments and characters that horses bring with them. They do have them as we do have them and isn´t it interesting to know about that and find out if personalities & horsenalities may match? 
They do have leaders as they do have followers, there are diversity groups inside a herd, kindergarten, straight social structures, close friends, not so good friends and so much more.


Now my part on FOAH Team is to organize a Promotion team, here in Germany, find places for clinics (if you have any suggestion please contact me) translating text and voice-overs for videos, create german newsletter and work on graphic presentations, together with my lovely daughter Bianca Schubert, who is part of the team too. 


I give my all and everything to become better every day and I hope to meet you soon at FOAH online.


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